Monday, 14 March 2016

Digital Hairy

Morning all,

Glorious morning, sun is shining, bit cool but no wind so feels great to be out there. Looks like we might be in for a few settled days, disappointing temperatures but at least it promises to be a bit drier. Bit better for preparing the ground for all that spring planting that is about to happen.
An eventful week with potting well under way again and sales ticking over nicely. Not the best weather for a brilliant take off of plant sales but still a long way to go yet so not too worried yet. I have managed to finish off the new mess room shed which I’m really pleased with, it’s tidy, warm, light and efficient. Possibly a bit tighter on space than I would like but at least that does force us to keep it tidy. Might have to get some cake in for an official opening next week, any excuse!
Birthday celebration cake already consumed this week in honour of me completing yet another year. It was the usual whirl of excitement just like most other days on the nursery. Actually missed my own cake on the day, with an appointment at the fracture clinic to check over the result of an incident on Saturday. I managed to intercept a rising shot at goal by stopping the hockey ball with my stick, unfortunately leaving my finger between the two. The doctor in the team was spot on with his diagnosis that the combination of deep cut and possible broken bone would need proper treatment to avoid infection. Saturday evening in casualty didn’t sound like great timing but my treatment was excellent and pretty swift. Some of the tasks this week have been a bit challenging as a result, but it could be worse. The team played really well without me, pegging back the opposition to only 8-0.
New watch for my birthday after the old one died. This one is a self winder, so all I have to do is move about a bit for it to keep going. Delighted to think of all that energy I’m saving by not having to buy batteries. I am well aware that I may have to consume extra cake to make up for that winding energy being taken from my reserves. The other star present was a couple of mixed grill packs from the local butchers, with a vegetarian partner this is a rare and wonderful treat. Delicious beer to wash it down too, mmmm. It’s ok I’m allowed to dribble at my age.
Little bit of tension in the air now as the pressure of the upcoming spring and summer seasons approaches. Looks like we need to get started on some weekend overtime to get through the increasing workload although the extra cost is always a concern as the overdraft peaks at the same time. It’ll just be a few weeks of nervous juggling to work it all through and then we can relax into the season.
Forgot to mention that the frogspawn arrived a couple of weeks ago. A bit of a relief as I thought we might have scared them off after we had cleared out the rather congested main pond over the winter and it all looked a bit bare. We are hoping to attract the dragonflies and damsel flies back as they like the more open water to do their stuff in. Spotted a fox for the first time on the nursery this week which was exciting for the couple who saw it. Reminded us to get out and check the nursery perimeter for new holes to patch up and keep the rabbits out (or in if they beat us to it).

Availability highlights
Still early days yet, but there are a lot of early signs of plant activity, many not quite ready for the list but it won’t be long if the weather doesn’t take a dive. Pulmonaria’s looking good showing bud and some colour.
The ever popular Erysimum’s are doing really well. Two of the most popular varieties, Red Jep and Bowles Mauve, are looking great, dark green foliage, bushy with bud showing. The Bowles Mauve are showing a little colour as the first buds open, this variety just goes on and on flowering until the frosts.
Signs of activity from some of the Primula’s now as spring approaches. Pulsatilla’s are now coming through nicely with a few buds developing nicely. The overwintered Lupin’s, Digitalis and Delph’s are all looking full of promise and vigour.
The Tulips, Alliums and Camassia are bursting through with roots ripping through the pot sides, if anyone needs a few bulbs, Fritillarias are nicely showing now and there is already the odd nodding bud appearing too.
Have a good one, from all at Kirton Farm Nurseries

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