Monday, 25 April 2016

Onward and Hairy

Morning all,
Bank holiday weekend coming up so hoping to see some more thrusting plant sales. The forecast for the coming weekend looked pretty bleak earlier but I’m not sure if it might not be too bad after all, fingers crossed.
Sad week with the passing of Victoria Wood and Prince, too young to leave us really. We saw Victoria Wood a couple of times live a long time ago, she was brilliant. Not only was she very funny but you felt she was speaking directly to you despite being in a huge theatre, a very talented, personable and unassuming lady, we’ll miss her.
Back on the nursery it’s been a busy week shipping out plenty of plants which is a relief after such a cool start. I’ve a feeling that even with the temperatures remaining low the plants have decided they are going to get on growing, whatever the weather does. We get the same response in the cold store when we give our micropropagated hostas their cold dormancy period. We can keep the temperature low and the lights off but when they have had enough they just start growing anyway, they won’t hold back any more they’re off.
First swallow here on Monday and Tuesday, exciting, now flown off, disappointing. ‘One swallow ....’ and all that!

Availability highlights
Lots of plants beginning to show a nice spring flush of growth now as the season progresses, even with the temperatures still not doing a lot. Still got some fantastic Pulsatilla’s which have come through very strongly now, really great plants, our best ever with plenty of bud and the odd opening flower. The red and purple forms are particularly impressive. Why not make a show and get in a few trays while they are at their best.
Dicentra spectabilis are looking great and probably at their best, shoots bushy and are nicely above the surface and buds with a bit of colour already showing on this fleshy exotic. The Bergenia’s are doing their thing, Bressingham White are now producing their springtime bud and the odd flash of colour and a handful of Sunningdale left, but not huge numbers left. Dark Damsel is a small leaved variety with pale to mid pink flowers.Brunnera are showing their early buds and flowers now, Delightful forget-me-not blue flowers heralding the spring. The variegated form are all gone now just the fresh green leaved ones left now. Be quick they don’t hang about long.
The ever popular Erysimum’s are doing really well. Two of the most popular varieties, Red Jep and Bowles Mauve, are looking great, dark green foliage, bushy with buds swelling. Fresh batches of Pastel Patchwork and Apricot Twist are now in bud again. Plenty of activity from some of the Primula’s now as spring approaches. The denticulata varieties are showing strong flower heads with plenty of bud and good colour in white, purple and violet red. The Primula japonica’s are looking really strong and the odd flower bud is just appearing in the crown of the white ones, so the others will be close behind. Caltha palustris are showing their early yellow buds among the healthy green shoots. White splashed leaves and lovely pale blue flowers still coming out on the charming Pulmonaria Opal. It seems early but Erigeron karvenskianus have already got bud showing, it will be a little while before they open but it’s a great plant, just going on and on, flowering the whole summer. Just a few Symphytum Wisley Blue left, nicely in bud/flower. Subtle pale blue flowers appear early every year. The little bright pink flowers of Erodium Bishops Form are now peppering the cushions of foliage looking perky. Leucanthemum May Queen as the name suggests is close to flowering, the buds are there ready to burst.The flower spikes of Veronica gentanoides are extending up from luxuriant fresh green foliage, ready to display their delightful powder blue flowers.
One of the earliest Geraniums, phaeum Samabor, is showing it’s dainty dark flowers above it’s smart darkly marked foliage. Heuchera varieties Firefly and Ruby Bells are both producing numerous flower stems with plenty of bud. The overwintered Lupin’s and Digitalis are all looking full of promise and vigour. Many of the Aquilegia are now producing their flower stems, raring to go.
Did I mention how good the red and purple Pulsatilla still are at the moment, I wouldn’t want you to miss out?

Have a good one, from all at Kirton Farm Nurseries

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