Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Hairy week

Morning all,

I thought a week on the nursery was a long time, but in politics this week they’ve really stirred things up. Hopefully it won’t create too much uncertainty when purses and wallets can get more difficult to prize open. What would be very useful would be a run of nice weather just to lighten the mood and restart the social life outside and especially in the garden. Very moved here by Fridays events, especially the touching and sobering remembrances of the start of the Battle of the Somme. The brilliant idea of the chaps dressed up in WW1 uniforms walking around towns and cities, not speaking but handing out cards of each soldier who had died that they represented, was very effective, How they kept that a secret until the day I’ll never know. Then at the other end of the scale the joy of watching Wales take on and beat Belgium took me rather by surprise. I hadn’t realised how much having a Welsh grandmother had affected me!
Back on the nursery we are busy sending out more orders despite the damp and dealing with all the young plant material arriving on site for next year’s output. It’s scary how quickly it all turns around. AHDB workshop on weed control last Thursday, a few reminders of sensible things to do and some interesting costings on hand weeding regimes all help. I managed to drop off through the post lunch herbicide listings before a good walk around the Hillier container unit revived me. Now I’m full of good intentions just need to find the time to get it all done, good job there is nothing else to do.

Availability highlights
We have some stonking Lobelia Salmon with their buds beginning to form at the top of their colourful stems. I have seen the odd flower head forming in the Eucomis. Short stocky pale yellow and exotic flower spikes.
We have very few Leucanthemum varieties left other than a lovely crop of the pale yellow compact Banana Creme but they won’t hang around long. Our Dianthus are now all in bud with first flowers opening, looking neat, a great range of these garden pinks to pick from. The first buds in our crop of white Platycodon Astra are there. A dwarf Balloon flower, it’s a beauty. Veronica Inspire Blue has produced a lovely flush of flower spikes. There are the first of the flower buds showing on many of the mini garden Chrysanthemum range. There will be masses to follow of these non frost hardy stunner. Tight compact plants in a good colour range. The odd weather has brought out flowers early on our Cyclamen hederifoliums. Fresh batches of Phlox are beginning to bud. Flame is a compact series of varieties, pretty mildew resistant in a good colour range. Crimson red flower spikes on the Persicaria Inverleith are appearing now, Nice short plants full of vim.
The dwarf Eryngium Blue Hobbit now has its short strong thistly flower heads appearing. The variegated varifolium is close behind, the flower stem is a bit spiky but dramatic. This year’s hardy Fuchsia’s are wonderfully bushy plants and showing their first of masses of flower buds. The super compact Monarda Balmy Purple are budding up and about to do their thing. Lovely plants but just a few left. We have a fresh crop of short and bushy Coreopsis Moonshine and Zagreb and the first buds have now appeared. Attractive feathery foliage under the small yellow daisy blooms, one of my favourites. Golden orange flowers just beginning to open in a fresh batch of chunky Bupthalmum now looking very summery Many of the Echinacea varieties are starting to produce their upright flower stem, no colour yet but it won’t be long. Strong purple foliage of Oxalis triangularis contrasts fantastically with delicate pale pink flowers which are just beginning to appear. Iron Cross with its dramatic darkly marked green leaves are now showing their first of many deep pink blooms. Strong and striking Delpinium Delfix Blue is now in bud and showing colour.
Two of our most popular lines this season are back on stream and in bud. Erigeron karvinskianus are bushy and showing colour and Salvia Hot Lips are there with bud and the odd flash of puckering lips. The Gaillardia varieties are producing masses of bud now, a blaze of colour to come. It must be summer, the Hemerocallis varieties are now producing their flower shoots. We have some very strong Anemone japonica varieties already producing signs of flower shoots, they must think it’s summer too. Seranade and September Charm looking particularly good. Bright gold foliage contrasts nicely with the deep blue flowers of Tradescantia Blue and Gold making it a popular choice.

Have a good one, from all at Kirton Farm Nurseries

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