Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Lighting up my life

Morning all,
Nursery ramblings should be back next week, I have to shut myself away for the rest of
the weekend (again) in the lab growth room fitting LED lights, ooh it must be
such a fab lifestyle working on  nursery!

Just a quick reminder of the catalogue link below.
I have added a pdf version below it as I have been asked for a printable version of
the file and this is easier to print from than the flipbook.

The 2017 flipbook catalogue link is;

(This onscreen version is best viewed on desktop, laptop and most tablets but not on mobile phones)

The 2017 pdf catalogue link is;

https://www.dropbox.com/s/nasnx3xy8r1nfdy/Catalogue%202017%20complete.pdf?dl=0 (This pdf version is best viewed used if you desperately need to print off a version of
the catalogue. It is a very big file due to the large numbers of images in it.
We would encourage you to use the flipbook version instead which saves more of
the worlds resources)

Keep warm,

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