Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Hairy Fog

Morning all,

Hope you are all coping with the Easter rush. Nice cool temperatures and the likelihood of a little welcome rain tonight, although probably not quite enough for the gardens. It’s been a fabulous run of nice weekends and demand has been built up week on week to quite scary levels. This time last year it had hardly started after a cold damp start to the spring but then it all recovered well for us and sales bowled along well into the summer months. We had to pull out all the stops this week to get all the stock out there but it all went and everyone got safely home. Now we could just do with a week to get everything back on an even keel and start all over again, but life’s not like that is it, we get four days with only a few staff in, followed by another 4 day week! I daren’t think about the next bank holiday in two weeks time, still, that’s how it is, just take one day at a time and be thankful nuclear war hasn’t broken out yet.
Brain is slightly hazy today after all the rushing about and a morning potting sprint with our Saturday potting gang. Managed to squeeze in a bit of herb seed sowing last night and a bit of wooden label printing, all slipped in between the first night-time application of predator nematodes, a long, but Good Friday in the end.
Taking a few hours off now to be entertained at this evening’s game at Southampton FC. Man City is likely to be a tough game let’s hope it is a positive result.
I was going to be witty and light-hearted this week, I’m sure something happened earlier, but the fog has descended and all is blank. Such is life at this time of year, hope I don’t fall asleep at the footy. Enjoy your Easter, don’t overdo the chocolate.
Post-Easter 4 day week coming up so everyone’s going to be really busy. The earlier orders are with us the better, as usual we will always try to accommodate any late entries if we can.

Availability highlights
Masses of delicate pale blue flowers of Veronica gentanoides are on the way. Lots of bud on chunky plants.
Growth is bursting forth and spring is in the air. Stock is flying out in the nice run of weather, so just hoping we don’t run out! Monster plants with a mass of bud on show on the Ajuga Burgundy Glow. Verbascum Phoeniceum Hybrids have thrust out their flower stems, with a mix of colours to follow. Subtle white flowers with a blue flush opening on the Symphytum Wisley Blue, lovely strong plants. Camassia Maybelle are show strong buds now. A lovely blue variety, strong and upright. Salvia’s are coming into bud now, short and chunky, no colour yet but full of promise. Really chunky Lupins and Digitalis are looking great, full of vigour and promise. Thalictrum flower stems really do thrust up (they are doing it now!), eventually getting quite tall, producing delightful flowers. The ever popular Erysimum Bowles Mauve are already showing bud and the odd splash of colour. The short orange variety of Geum Koi is flushing into growth nicely, and have flower shoots and buds too. There are plenty of flower shoots appearing on the Lady Stratheden and Mrs Bradshaw too. The spring flowering Euphorbia are coming into their own now, lovely plants just watch out for the irritating milky sap. Spring must be here, most of the Hostas have all suddenly shot out of the compost. A lovely range and all beginning to show off their wide variety of leaf designs. Although not in flower yet the Iris sibirica are proving popular, but don’t miss out on the variety Butter and Sugar which are a delightful pale yellow and white rather than the usual blue and purples.

Have a good week and Easter weekend from all at Kirton Farm Nurseries.

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