Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Get them while they're hot!

Morning all,
So much fabulous stock coming into its peak this week no real room for news this week. Get them while they are hot.

Availability highlights
A new crop for this spring is Digitalis Silver Fox. Lovely grey foliage which is now showing strong multiple flower shoots (white flowered). It doesn’t get too tall but puts on a great show. Fabulous crops of Gallery Lupins and Delpiniums will be on stream for the next couple of weeks. Chunky and fresh full of vim and vigour. Get them while you can.
Hollyhocks (Alcea) are also strong and bushy, ideal condition to sell and plant before they shoot for the stars.Astilbes all have masses of tight bud showing, Dark red (Fanal), white (Deutschland), dark pink (Rhienland) and delightful pale pink of Peach Blossom.
Geranium Brookside is nicely in bud at the moment with the odd blue flower opening.Clear large pink flowers of Geranium sang. Striatum are doing their thing, a delightful ground hugging show.
Incarvillea has suddenly leapt out of the compost and started producing flower shoots and colour. Exotic in appearance and a bold show.The dwarf upright Polemonium Bambino Blue is now in bud, the odd bold blue flower showing.
Geums are in bud and flower, Lady Stratheden and Mrs Bradshaw have buds and flowers opening on strong stems looking fantastic.Papaver Garden Gnome looking fresh and vigorous with their first plump buds appearing among the leaves and the odd flower opening.
We have several more Veronica this season which are looking fab, buds are appearing on nice compact plants although not sure yet how long before colour appears. The best varieties are Inspire Blue (very blue), Red Fox (deep pink/red) and Baby Doll (lovely flouncy pink and short!).
We have a lot more Achillea varieties this year, there are flower shoots and buds most. The Desert Eve range are very compact, the others are short but not quite as ground hugging. All monster plants.
Coreopsis Sunfire puts on a great summer show and we have lovely bushy plants with the first buds nestling in the tops. The Gaillardia range is producing plenty of bud now. I love the Peach and yellow ones myself but the bolder Arizona Red and bicolour Arizona Sun put on a great show too.All three of the Campanula glomerata varieties are in bud with the odd bit of colour showing. Striking yellow foliage of Tradescantia Blue and Gold contrasts well with their blue flowers (now coming into bud).Probably one of the reddest flowers in the garden, Lychnis chalcedonica has shot up and its buds are appearing, but only a few left now.
Very strong plants of Bupthalmum are about to show masses of its lovely yellow flowers, a great garden performer.Last year we grew the popular Erigeron karvinskianus for the first time and sold out in a week. This year’s batch is much bigger and we have several batches to see us through the next couple of months, assuming we don’t sell out!. Other Erigeron are approaching flowering. The low growing Sea Breeze varieties have a masses of buds.
Delightful little flowers of Erodium are showing well with months of colour to follow. The odd open flower is now appearing among the foliage of the long flowering Geranium nodosum. Salvia Sensation Blue and Sensation Rose are producing strong bud and the odd flash of colour. Hostas are showing strong shoots with fresh verdant leaf growth.The Pyrethrum (Tanacetum) varieties are in bud with the odd flash of colour although not many left now.
The Phlox Flame varieties are showing really strong bushy growth. Best Phlox we have ever had.
Herbs coming along nicely as the range begins to grow. A few weeks to go before the Basils appear, just not warm enough yet.
Have a good one, from all at Kirton Farm Nurseries

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