Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Hairy Whiffiness

Morning all,

It always seems to be busy, not sure if that is really news any more. Day to day survival at the moment. I find the key part of management here is managing whatever is thrown up to put a spanner in the works. Monday morning got off to the usual hectic start as we rushed about getting deliveries prepared and delivered before the weekend arrives, it’s always an exciting day as it all unfolds, or perhaps unravels. Added excitement this Monday morning with the plumbing in the loos becoming blocked, I won’t go into detail but a good time was had by all, not. Luckily after working under the porta cabin, pipe dismantling and a bit of poking, all eventually ran smoothly. After a complete clothing change management got back to normal with a printer breakdown, computer freeze, wooden box juggling and tea making. It’s all such fun, everyone should their own business especially when it includes the idyllic rural lifestyle choice of running a nursery!
A small number of new wooden boxes arrived today so hopefully next week will be a bit less stressful on that front. With a bit of luck the rest of the delivery will get here before long.
Still loads of great looking stock on the nursery with lots of exciting buds to appear very soon so don’t forget us as the bedding all comes on line.
Loads of predators released on the nursery already and a crop of ‘sink crop’ aubergines growing away under a little bit of heat. We are going to grow 2 or 3 in each tunnel once it warms up a bit more and they should act as an attractive target for many pests. We can then focus applying predators to the aubergines to bulk up the populations and get them off to a good start. The combination of pest magnet and focused attack will hopefully make predator applications more effective. The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement (heard that one earlier this week attributed to Bobby Robson I believe).

Fabulous crops of Gallery Lupins and Delpiniums will be on stream for the next couple of weeks. Chunky and fresh full of vim & vigour. Get them while you can.
Incarvillea has suddenly leapt out of the compost and started producing flower shoots. Exotic in appearance and a bold show.
Strong and bushy Nepeta Six Hills Giant and Walkers Low have lots of bud appearing.
Papaver Garden Gnome looking fresh and vigorous with their first plump buds appearing among the leaves. All three of the Campanula glomerata varieties are in bud with the odd bit of colour showing.
Striking yellow foliage of Tradescatia Blue & Gold contrasts well with their blue flowers (now coming into bud). Pretty mixed coloured flower spikes of Verbascum phon. Hybrids are here but there aren’t many left so be quick. Probably one of the reddest flowers in the garden, Lychnis chalcedonica has shot up and its buds are appearing. Very strong plants of Bupthalmum are about to show its lovely yellow flowers, a great garden performer.
Last year we grew the popular Erigeron karvinskianus for the first time and sold out in a week. This year’s batch has just come on stream with buds already showing, don’t miss it. Hopefully this year the quantities we have will give us all a longer sales period!
Other Erigeron are approaching flowering. The Sea Breeze varieties have a few buds with masses to follow.
Delightful little flowers of Erodium’s are showing well with months of colour to follow.
I can see the flower stems and bud appearing among the glossy green foliage of the Geranium nodosum.
Salvia East Freisland is showing strong early bud as it bursts into really bushy growth. The other salvia are close behind. Hostas are showing their first strong shoots with leaves unfurling.The Pyrethrum (Tanacetum) varieties are in bud.The Phlox Flame varieties are showing really strong bushy growth.
Herbs coming along nicely as the range begins to grow. A few weeks to go before the Basils appear, just not warm enough yet.

Have a good one, from all at Kirton Farm Nurseries

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