Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Hairy Balance

Morning all,

Happy Easter one and all. Not the warmest or driest we seen but not quite as bad as predicted earlier in the week. Mondays forecast looks a bit bleak but it might blow over, fingers crossed.
The short weeks always makes Easter a bit more challenging but the rather damp and cool ambiance has kept the usual Easter madness in check and we managed to fit in a bit of early spring potting in anticipation of the 'good days' returning at some point and sales taking off. The forecast for the coming week continues in a similar mode but it looks like it is turning for the better for the following weekend so make sure you don't get caught short!
I will be around on Monday to organise any longer deliveries with our carrier so please do get your orders in nice and early as usual so you don't miss out on that weekend rush. Popped out for the weeks highlight this morning, a trip to the supermarket and a posh coffee for breakfast, It's a tough life in the fast lane. I was surprised at the number of chocolate eggs still on the shelves, I wonder if they have over done it this year? We certainly aren't buying the number we used to, partly because I get so wound up about the packaging and inefficiency of delivering chocolate in such a bonkers way. There must be an opportunity out there to make a thick but flat, egg shape, much better value, less waste, fewer breakages and more eco-packaging options, the benefits are endless.
The hockey season is just about over now and I wonder if it safe to reveal I have retired and taken up some new challenges. I failed to play all season with a slightly dodgy back, not quite getting strong enough to risk the exertion. I feel I have rather let the side down as I have ended up stopping before my mum, who still gets a run out most Saturdays. It's been great getting Saturdays back to myself, lots more time on the nursery sorting out all the loose ends or starting new projects. Sunday alone was never enough. I've moved 'off-nursery activities' to the evening over the last couple of years, with a weekly session on the yoga mat and a turn on the floor with a bit of modern jive. Neither of which I'm very good at, but I enjoy both which is the secret of any exercise. I am still really struggling to breathe through my feet, or stand on one leg and despite being shown/taught over 300 jive moves I can still count on one hand the number I can remember. They tell me it's the taking part that counts, although my bored partners may have a different opinion.

Ordering POS and header boards for your trays of plants.
Our new wooden POS boards have been making the rounds for a few weeks. We send out two similar sets, one larger sized that can be mounted in our wooden trays (acting as a frame) or separately, and another smaller set for fitting where ever is good for you. Not everyone will have the room to use them all and some may want more than one set, so feel free to return any unused ones for reuse, or ask for another set if needed. There are also a couple of small wooden latex allergy notices in each set which should be displayed to let your customers know of the latex content of the pots in case they are allergic.
We are very happy to send out our little header boards that slip into the front of each tray, whenever you want them, but in the interest of reducing waste, resources and sustainability we try not to over produce them. So if you do want them, please don’t forget to tick, or mark, the right hand column on the availability list . Thanks.

Availability highlights
Plenty of bud appearing on lovely Snakes Head Lily (Fritillaria), get them while they’re hot. Really attractive finely cut bronzed foliage of Polemonium Heaven Scent looking fab. Buds are showing well now. Despite the continuing cold weather the Erysimum are looking great with plenty of chunky growth and bud in all the varieties. Primula denticulata looking strong with the leaves and chunky buds bursting up through the compost. Best crop for ages, just hoping the weather improves shortly to get them moving before they advance too far. Pulsatillas have burst forth in a range of colours with their early flowers in evidence. Pulmonaria are showing bud and colour now, especially the Blue Ensign, a stunning dark blue, the others aren’t far behind with their nice tight variegated/silvered foliage and buds showing nicely with the odd splash of colour. Muscari varieties looking chunky with bud visible. Campanula persicifolia Takion are already producing flower stems with a few buds showing. Delightful pale sky blue flowers of Veronica gentianoidies are on their way with the first buds appearing on monster plants. Spring is bursting despite the cool temperatures and our Lupins have all made delicious vigorous shoot growth from around the plant base. They seem to do so well as an overwintered crop, producing plenty of new chunky basal shoots with the potential for so much flower later in the season. The Digitalis are looking strong and chunky too. Vinca minor are coming into flower doing their spring thing.
Have a good week from all at Kirton Farm Nurseries.

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