Saturday, 14 April 2018

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Morning all
Pre-season tension continues to build as we all get ready for the onset of some warmer weather and stronger light from that golden globe thing, I forget what it's called. It's going to go ballistic when it happens, I'm almost in dread of it but excited at the same time. At least it might take our minds of less positive ballistic issues going on around the world.
We have attracted a few more customers already this spring after all the anti-plastic coverage which is great, although I am trying to keep a fairly low profile as we don't really need too many more as we are not the biggest nursery on the planet and it could get a bit too exciting which isn't good for a man of my age in so many ways. Despite the low pro file policy we have been mentioned in the latest Gardens Illustrated, we are 'coming out' in Amateur Gardening shortly and in the last week we have been in Hort Week twice. Let's see if we can keep this a bit more to ourselves and not make too much fuss, we wouldn't want to appear too forward or pushy it might appear rude.
I got the first nematode application on last weekend despite the cool weather, it was overcast and damp which is perfect for keeping them alive while they find their way into the compost. They are sensitive little things, susceptible to drying out, temperature, UV light, drowning, and operator error, so our strategy of monthly half rate applications rather than one or two big ones spreads the risk of mistakes or the wrong weather keeping a constant background population going to catch out any of those invasive vine weevils.
Potting is bowling along in anticipation of future sales actually happening, Must keep positive, we've all got a bit of ground to make up and I'm sure the demand will come eventually, just need to hold our nerve and keep it jolly. Let's face it, we can't do much about the weather, so we can't take it out on anyone else, we are all in it together. Still no sign of swallows here despite reports of them just a few miles away down by the River Test and at Kingston Lacy in Dorset. Hoping they pitch up with the sunshine and kick off the spring for us. Tadpoles are about, the Beast from the East didn't seem to affect them too much, despite the spawn appearing only a day or two before.
Ordering POS and header boards for your trays of plants.
We have been sending out two similar sets of our new wooden POS boards, one larger sized and another smaller set for fitting where ever is good for you. Feel free to return any unused ones for reuse, or ask for another set if needed. There are also a couple of latex allergy notices in each set which should be displayed to let folk know of the latex content of the pots in case they are allergic.
We are very happy to send out our little header boards that slip into the front of each tray, whenever you want them, but in the interest of reducing waste, resources and sustainability we try not to over produce them. So if you do want them, please don’t forget to tick, or mark, the right hand column on the availability list . Thanks.

Availability highlights
Dicentra spectabilis are thrusting through with their early buds on display. Plenty of bud appearing on lovely Snakes Head Lily (Fritillaria), looking great at the moment although selling through quickly. Pretty coral red flowers on the Heuchera Firefly are promised with multiple spikes showing. Erysimum are looking great with plenty of chunky growth and bud in all the varieties still available. The spring flowering Ajuga's are shooting into bud now, very strong bushy plants with plenty more bud to come. Primula denticulata looking strong with the leaves and chunky multiple buds bursting up through the compost. Best crop for ages, just in time for the improving weather. Pulsatillas have burst forth in a range of colours with early flowers in evidence. Pulmonaria are showing bud and colour now, selling through quickly so don't hang about. First signs of tight bud in many of the Salvia varieties which are now so popular. Delightful pale sky blue flowers of Veronica gentianoidies are on their way with the first buds appearing on monster plants. The grey foliaged Achillea Moonshine has burst forth with early buds formed already but still nice and short. It'll be a little while before any colour shows but the promise is there. Really attractive finely cut foliage of Polemonium Heaven Scent with buds showing well now. Hostas are shooting through now, a fab range from our own home propagated stock. The ever popular short flowering Geums Cooky and Koi are now producing buds and a little bright orange flower. The lovely white and blue flowered Centaurea Snow in Summer is already producing its first buds, don't miss it. Muscari varieties in blue and in white looking chunky with bud and colour visible, possibly the last week of these. Campanula persicifolia Takion are already producing flower stems with a few buds showing. The over-wintered Lupins and Digitalis are looking strong and chunky too.
Have a good week from all at Kirton Farm Nurseries.

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