Monday, 2 March 2015

50 Shades of Hairy

Morning all,

A lovely morning down here a real spring feel to the sunshine although the breeze is taking a little of the edge off the temperature. The plants are definitely looking springier with that lovely early spring flush on many, almost enough to make growing plants a pleasure.
Potting really got going big time this week which is quite exciting although the hours seem to run out more quickly as the number of things to get done grow. I still managed to get a few hours off yesterday to take part in a vital hockey league victory (bottom half of the table 6 pointer), I got moved back to centre back from centre forward and we got 5 goals, there might be a message there somewhere. Got home to tea and hot cross buns in front of the wood burner, who needs money? Topped off a jolly Saturday with a couple of hours of watering-in the potting by moonlight listening to some of our record collection on shuffle over my Bluetooth head phones, I hope no-one was listening.
It seems to be everyone’s 50th recently which is a constant reminder of times passing, I slipped round the milestone a little while ago, no I can’t believe it either, but I seem to be seeing quite a few older looking familiar faces in all the photos which makes me wonder if we are getting close to being grownups.
One thing that has changed hugely over the years is the technology, we can get so much info and achieve so much more with so much less effort. We used to hand write all the paperwork in the first few years before we got stiffed by a local farmer who was upgrading his old Amstrad computer and felt the secondhand value should be at least ¾ of the amount he had originally paid! This was before we realised how quickly this stuff becomes obsolete and of sod all value. Green screen font was the norm, printing was black and white with no pictures and the memory was short. Now we do so much on all this clever kit, take any of it away and life becomes really tough, I’m trying not to think too much about last Sunday when I had a day full of expectation to get lots of label printing done and ended up spending the day and evening overcoming the BSOD (blue screen of death) that greeted me when I turned on the old label computer. Setting up the spare computer to take over the role was the usual adventure of one hiccup after another. We had back-ups of the label info but getting all the right drivers for the printers and security dongles etc was fun. Even the physics of the operation had it in for me, the computer box was 2cm taller than the gap so I had to rebuild the office too. So today it’s back to the printing and perhaps a little light potting while listening to the football and rugby, a nice relaxing day before the week kicks off again.
Frogspawn has appeared in the main pond this week, As mass of writhing adults dive for a hiding place every time you walk by. Anyone seen 50 Shades yet?

Here comes the spring. Still a nip in the air won’t hold it back long. All stock is kept cold and well ventilated so is pretty tough. As the days lengthen the first strong flush of growth comes along quickly, so do keep an eye out to see the range develop and the spring buds appear.. With the ace-conker new look labelling and a bit of half decent weather we are ready to put together a great display to kick off 2015.
The Erysimums are budding up well, looking chunky and even showing the odd flash of colour, Bowles Mauve in particular is always such a favourite and a great long lasting garden performer. Apricot Twist is well budded with the peach flowered variegated plants close behind.
The Amemone blanda blue shades are very close to making their big spring show, the odd flower is already showing as the plants thicken up. The white form has yet to show its face but I’ve had a poke and they are not far away.
The Lupins are putting on their first flush of fresh, bushy, early growth, they will make monster plants. We always have to sell this batch fairly smartly as they will outgrow the pot too quickly if left until the warmer weather.
The overwintered Phlox varieties are beginning to show their first strong shoots as spring draws close, more varieties will be available as they emerge from winter slumber.
The first few herbs are now available as spring growth begins. It is still early days for mega growth, we want to keep them tough and not too soft to put up with the last of the winter cold.
Have a good one, from all at Kirton Farm Nurseries

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