Monday, 9 March 2015

Hairy Moves

Morning all,

Spring has sprung, madly busy preparing orders and potting, it’s nice to get to the weekend and relax with a bit more potting, packing microprop plants, watering in the potting and releasing our first batch of nematodes to combat any stray vine weevils. With a bit of luck I might get a few labels printed after dark all ready for starting the new week afresh. It’s a lifestyle choice apparently, what a lucky chap. This is the exciting bit really, all that potential sitting out there just waiting for that perfect season which always eventually arrives of course.
There is life off the nursery too, Bankers bonuses, the election build up, fundamentalist tensions and to cap it all off we lost our penultimate hockey game. On the positive side there have been some high points, we got into the semi- finals of a local skittles cup beating the top team, saw a really good country/folk band (The Mountain Firework Company) at the local village hall (not really my scene but hey, they were very talented, put on a great show and Caroline won a signed CD in the raffle) and we spent an evening learning modern jive in the Winchester Guildhall. We did a bit of jive about 15 years ago and have been threatening to go back for ages, it blows the brain apart especially for the chaps who are supposed to be leading their partner if they are allowed, but it is a laugh and great exercise. It’s always a bonus to burn calories without thinking about it.
Birthday week coming up, perhaps a day off. Perhaps not, cake all round will have to suffice for the moment. Must get on with my relaxing weekend, hope to hear from you soon.
Definite spring flush visible now and it’s not just the change. All stock is kept cold and well ventilated so is pretty tough. The ace-conker new look labelling and a bit of half decent weather creates a great display to kick off 2015.
The Erysimums are budding up well, looking chunky and even showing the odd flash of colour, Bowles Mauve is showing well and is always such a favourite and a great long lasting garden performer. The range has shortened a bit but there are more to come back on line in two or three weeks.
Polemonium Heaven Scent is looking great and the first flower shoots are emerging from the lovely verdant bronzed foliage, be quick they won’t hang around long.
Those spring markers Primula denticulata and Pulsatlla vulgaris are beginning to come to life. I am holding off on the Pulsatilla until they emerge a little further but the prim dents are there now and will very quickly throw up their spring drumstick flowers.
Our overwintered Delphiniums are shooting strongly through now. I am always a bit anxious about how they will come through the winter as they can be a bit sensitive to being cut back at the wrong time or being attacked by a range of foes (botrytis, mice, rabbits etc) but they are looking strong and I’m hopeful for a nice early crop before the spring potted crops become available.
The Lupins are putting on their first flush of fresh, bushy, early growth, they will make monster plants. We always have to sell this batch fairly smartly as they will outgrow the pot too quickly if left until the warmer weather.
The overwintered Phlox varieties are beginning to show their first strong shoots as spring draws close, more varieties will be available as they emerge from winter slumber. The Digitalis range is looking great, strong pot full’s of monster plants.
We seem to have an ever expanding range of Aquilegia as the sales of stock in bud have been very strong over the last couple of seasons. At the moment they are bulking up nicely as they prepare for their early summer show, don’t miss out on this perennial classic.
The first few herbs are now available as spring growth begins. It is still early days for mega growth, we want to keep them tough and not too soft to put up with the last of the winter cold.
Have a good one, from all at Kirton Farm Nurseries

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