Monday, 30 March 2015

Hairy Take Off

Morning all,

Looks like a good weekend coming up for the turbines, every cloud and all that.
Not quite enough spring warmth for huge gardening excitement but the pressure is definitely building. We've had a really busy week sending out plenty of stock as the build up to Easter gets under way. I always get a bit anxious as we approach Easter, the idea of two four day working weeks is pretty daunting when it is traditionally such a busy plant selling time and a good time for potting too. I've been doing this thing so long that unfortunately the idea of the Easter break just conjures up thoughts of mega overtime and trying to squeeze a quart into a pint pot, not always the most relaxing of times. Having said that we do usually get most of the Sunday off and the chance of getting stuck into another roast lunch, so that is definitely something to look forward to (and the company of family too of course!).
Need to press on this morning, we've got a big gang in to get some more orders processed and get the weeks potting started and they will need a bit of looking after. More cake please and chocolate next week.
Please don’t forget to get your orders in ASAP for this coming week so we can get the transport all organised and then collect up all our lovely plants. Although Friday is a bank holiday and we will be trying to clear orders as early as we can, we are quite likely to still be delivering a few orders on that day. Quart and pint pot scenario again.
It’s a good job we sell the plants at some point and we are very pleased to do it really! It certainly helps pay our way. Keep up those plant sales and let’s hope the spring sunshine makes a stronger appearance soon.

Fritillaria (snakes head lily) are the best we’ve ever had, loads of shoots buds beginning to open. We don’t have a huge number so don’t hang about on these beauties. Bergenia Bressingham White and Sunningdale are presenting bud now and the odd splash of colour but again this is a quickly disappearing crop and won’t be available very long.
I don’t particularly want to push our lovely pot-full’s of Tulips as we have very limited numbers of this trial crop, but the earliest varieties are showing bud already so if they are your type of thing be quick. Erysimum Bowles Mauve is showing well and is always such a favourite and a great long lasting garden performer. New batches of Apricot Twist and Pastel Patchwork are back on the list with nice tight buds appearing.
Polemonium Heaven Scent is looking great and the first flower shoots are being held above the lovely verdant bronzed foliage, be quick they won’t hang around long, not a huge number left.
Those spring markers Primula denticulata and Pulsatlla vulgaris are beginning to come to life. Both are showing early signs of bud appearance but not quite extended vertically yet to show much colour at this stage, but it won’t be long. I haven’t marked all of them as in bud/flower as it is early and I don’t want everyone to get over excited!
The Lupins are putting on their first flush of fresh, bushy, early growth, they are monster plants. We always have to sell this batch fairly smartly as they will outgrow the pot too quickly if left until the warmer weather. They are all looking fantastically strong and chunky and selling through quickly. The Digitalis range is looking great, strong pot full’s of monster plants. Doronicum Little Leo is a good early performer, lots of fresh green foliage with buds to follow shortly, I’ve seen the odd one or two already. The Pyrethrum (Tanacetum) varieties are bushy and strong, the fresh ferny foliage provides a nice pot full.
The overwintered Phlox varieties are beginning to show their first strong shoots as spring draws close, more varieties are appearing as they emerge from winter slumber. Dicentra spectabilis and alba has just burst through and there are a few early buds showing.
The first few herbs are now available as spring growth begins. It is still early days for mega growth, we want to keep them tough and not too soft to put up with the last of the winter cold.
It must be spring some of the Hostas are showing their first shoots through the compost surface.

Have a good one, from all at Kirton Farm Nurseries

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